httpbis - New Meeting Session Request for IETF 120

A new meeting session request has just been submitted by Mark Nottingham, a
Chair of the HTTPBIS Working Group.

Working Group Name: HTTP
Area Name: Web and Internet Transport
Session Requester: Mark Nottingham

Number of Sessions: 2
Length of Session(s): 2 Hours, 2 Hours
Number of Attendees: 75
Conflicts to Avoid: 
 Chair conflict: ippm  iabopen dult hrpc gendispatch mimi
 Technology overlap: alldispatch artarea dispatch httpapi masque moq ohai witarea
 Key participant conflict: iabopen maprg ppm quic saag secdispatch spice tls wimse privacypass sconepro


Participants who must be present:

Resources Requested:

Special Requests:

Received on Wednesday, 24 April 2024 02:23:09 UTC