Re: #2343 proposal: Display Strings

On Fri, Mar 31, 2023, at 16:32, Mark Nottingham wrote:
> This PR adds a new data type to SF, a "Display String." It is indicated 
> by a '%' leading character, and the remaining value is a 
> percent-encoded, quote-delimited string.

I think that you mean that the value contains a percent-encoded, quote-delimited, UTF-8 encoded, Unicode string.  Though I'm just matching the pedantic comments from chat about this, the PR could be a little more precise on that same point.

I'm very happy to see this proposal and think that this is the right answer.  If we can agree to this, I think this will fit into the draft neatly.  With the proposal on hand, I think that we have a clear path to an expansion of scope for the draft.

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