Re: Slower HTTP for privacy

"Soni L." <> wrote on 2023-01-29 at 11:45:53:

> It would be appreciated if there were a slower HTTP, with more round 
> trips, explicitly designed with privacy negotiation in mind.
> Importantly, you can't leak data which you do not have. The best way to 
> not have that data is to not receive it.
> Why does a server need to accept user agents and a bunch of other 
> unnecessary stuff if it isn't gonna use it? Doesn't it just make the 
> server more liable for no good reason? Make it possible to turn it off! 
> Most of it can just be turned off.
> In fact, the simplest servers (static hosting) only really need the URL 
> and the Host. Everything else is unnecessary liability.

It's not exactly what you ask for, but Privoxy [0] has a
delay-response{} response action [1] that is somewhat related.


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[1] <>

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