draft-schinazi-httpbis-transport-auth at IETF 114

Hi HTTP enthusiasts,

You might remember draft-schinazi-httpbis-transport-auth from the early
days of MASQUE. Since then we had somewhat shelved it while focusing on the
other MASQUE specs, but now David Oliver has joined me as co-author and his
team built an independent implementation. We're interested in progressing
this document, and think it is in charter for HTTPBIS. I just submitted a
new revision that significantly updates the draft now that I
understand HTTP better than I did when this was first written.

The short summary is that this draft presents a new HTTP authentication
mechanism that has two key features: (1) it supports symmetric and
asymmetric cryptographic keys and (2) it is probe-resistant; i.e. it allows
the server to hide the fact that it serves resources that require

Chairs, would it be possible to have a little bit of agenda time in HTTPBIS
at IETF 114 to present it to the WG please? 5 minutes presentation and 5
minutes questions should be enough.



Received on Monday, 11 July 2022 16:53:27 UTC