Re: RFC 9113 and :authority header field

> Am 30.06.2022 um 09:13 schrieb Willy Tarreau <>:
> No, this one should not forge a :authority where there was not any,
> it's the case that's covered by the "unless" rule in the spec, so
> you'd get this:
> H1 GET / HTTP/1.1, Host:
> -> H2 host:, :scheme: <context>
> -> H0 GET / HTTP/1.0, Host:
> -> H1 GET / HTTP/1.1, Host:

I see. That is what you described as an "internal flag" to preserve that information in a gateway. And what is causing the problems at some CDNs (missing :authority). Thanks.

Well, since Apache httpd misses that flag our http2 proxy always sends :authority. I think I'll leave it that way until there is more acceptance of such a change.

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