Re: Draft v1 Update for Resumable Uploads

>> Why I suggested FTP. But accepting what you said, wouldn't you also have 
>> to enforce PATCH = append to use application/octet-stream? 

> I think it would be clearer to use a new type.


From my ongoing project since the aughties (still don't care to share the code), an HTTP API for DARCS... a DARCS patch file may contain one or both of filesystem directives and deltas. Crying out for a polyglot format with multiple media types to define processing.

What I have now, as informed by this thread...

Consider a DARCS patch file consisting of fileops, text deltas (metadata) and, in some or all cases, a BLOB delta.

PUT text/vnd.darcs OR multipart/vnd.darcs

Creates a text-based patch file which may annotate a blob.

OR creates a multipart patch file containing partial blob...

OR filter instructions for a blob.

PATCH {target URI} text/vnd.darcs OR text/vnd.darcs-invert

Applies or reverts only all text deltas in the patch file.

PATCH {target URI} application/vnd.darcs OR application/vnd.darcs-invert

Executes or reverts only all fileops in the patch file.

I'm 415 on the inverse and in no hurry to implement.

PATCH {target URI} multipart/vnd.darcs OR multipart/vnd.darcs-invert

Applies or reverts only all deltas in the patch file, text and/or blob.

I'm 415 on the inverse, but it's top priority to implement. Undo a blob filter.

Yes, this means applying a patch file with fileops and deltas, requires two operations. Who cares. I'm more interested in data integrity than anarchically scaling PATCH requests.

I am violating the wording, if not the spirit, of RFC 5789 so I'm going to have some things to say about updating PATCH to allow what I just described... furthermore, what if I want to link to my patch file instead of enclosing it as the request entity?

Bound to be fresh if it's resident on the origin server, no? Come to think of it, the entity body could list additional target URIs... apply googly-eye filter to all kitty pics. Haha, lolz, now revert on all non-Hitler kitties.


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