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# Éric Vyncke, INT AD, comments for draft-ietf-httpbis-binary-message-05
cc @evyncke

Thank you for the work put into this document. And I really mean it even when
balloting a blocking DISCUSS because it will be useful. BTW, I sincerely hate
to be process-focused and I hope to stand corrected quickly.

Please find below one blocking DISCUSS points, which may be resolved during the
IESG formal telechat.




As noted in https://www.ietf.org/blog/handling-iesg-ballot-positions/, a
DISCUSS ballot is a request to have a discussion on the following topics:

### Does it fit HTTPBIS charter ?

While I think that this document is useful (even if I have doubts about
standards track rather than informational as for the expired PCAP I-D in
OPSAWG), I fail to see how this document fits the HTTPBIS charter. The only
potential way is at the end of the charter: ``` # Other HTTP-Related Work

The Working Group may define extensions and other documents related to HTTP as
work items, provided that:

* They are generic; i.e., not specific to one application using HTTP. Note that
Web browsing by definition is a generic use.

* The Working Group Chairs judge that there is consensus to take on the item
and believe that it will not interfere with the work described above, and

* The Area Director approves the addition and add corresponding milestones.

But I do not see any related milestone to this document.

Moving this document to AD sponsored is probably the right way.

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