Re: Draft for Resumable Uploads

Am 12.04.2022 um 02:39 schrieb Eric J Bowman:
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>  >> A resource has to exist first, before it can support PATCH.
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>  > Says who?
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> Common sense? Clearly-defined method semantics is part-and-parcel of a
> uniform interface. If we're going to muddy the waters by allowing
> partial PUT (or PUT no content to DELETE), and PATCH to create a primary
> resource (not sayin' PATCH can't result in a /previous-version resource
> being minted), then I guess HTML was right all along to only bother
> defining GET and POST in forms.
 > ...

Well. You are in disagreement with the spec.

The issue here being that "existence" of a resource is somewhat hard to

Best regards, Julian

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