Re: Proposed HTTP field name registry updates - feedback solicited

For registry housekeeping purposes, in addition to removing UA-windowpixels, I suggest: remove UA-Pixels. Change UA-Color to UA-color; UA-Media to UA-media; UA-Resolution to UA-res. Add UA-attrib, UA-gray, UA-pix-x, and UA-pix-y. 

Why my interest in <draft-mutz-http-attributes-01.txt>?

Data is a Psion Series 5 running OpenPsion, Lore is a Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 running Angstrom. Both bots are coded in Oberon. They can "ping" and "pong" via IR, then play rock-paper-scissors and keep score. Betting quatloos on my death is WIP. ;)

I want them to play the game over their cameras and displays, not their IR ports. Each can display/scan a 256-color GIF resembling a 2x2 grid, 3 cells on/off for rock/paper/scissors, 4th cell is the score. What score can they play to?

Data can only display 4-bit grayscale, but can scan 8-bit grayscale through a camera from an old Silicon Graphics workstation via RS-232 port.

Lore displays full 16-bit color, but can only scan 8-bit color via original-option CF digital camera card.

Based on scanner capability, they can play to 256. But, Data's display limits the maximum score to 16. Each game's "play-to" score has to be negotiated up front based on... least-capable display resolution. The 256-color GIF also has to fit in the display, the bigger the better.

I get what they were thinking with "windowpixels" but UA-pix-x and UA-pix-y are better, for the purposes of negotiating image size at the protocol layer. Bear in mind Data and Lore are not HTML/CSS enabled, and in my (admittedly edge) use-case, they're actually negotiating the (effective) "sensor size" of their cameras. 640x480 max on current hardware.

If I transport Data to my laptop and Lore to my friend's laptop, they could (in theory) play to 1.67e7 by virtue of 24-bit color cameras and displays (assuming a different image format). 4Kx6K sensor size. So they can be further apart, for starters.

What if there's fog? Or dirt on a lens? They'll need to negotiate down based on actual conditions, to get the best variant of the 2x2 grid GIF representing the state of their rock-paper-scissors game, and dynamically calculate a maximum "play-to" score. This negotiation occurs each turn, not just once at the beginning.

"Mary" and "Sue" will be Raspberry Pi's. I intend to teach these four bots to play Euchre, visually. While continuously betting quatloos on my death, of course! I call it "Project Triskelion".


Received on Sunday, 3 April 2022 10:56:34 UTC