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Re: Fwd: Request to Charter a New Working Group: Oblivious HTTP (OHTTP)

From: Martin Thomson <mt@lowentropy.net>
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2021 08:53:32 +1000
Message-Id: <107985f1-7d67-43aa-9cb9-5ca9d6fcdc3d@www.fastmail.com>
To: ietf-http-wg@w3.org
On Tue, Jun 8, 2021, at 19:53, squid3@treenet.co.nz wrote:
> Thanks. Though I'm wondering why this is a new WG.

We could have decided to do all the work in this working group.  That was an option that was considered during the meeting where this was discussed.  The general sense at the time was that the bulk of the work was security-related.  This (ab)uses HTTP, but it is not modifying HTTP, so a separate group is fine.  This group also has a very large slate of items already.  And in recent years the IESG has preferred to use small working groups where possible.

So that all stacked up in favour of a new working group.

Obviously the experience and expertise here are relevant, so any input this group has will be considered and I expect that this list will be kept up to date.
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