Re: Is HTTP/1.0 still relevant?

On Fri, Sep 04, 2020 at 12:09:24AM -0700, Eric J Bowman wrote:
> Hmmm... yeah. Development server. Strict is fine. I'll be making HTTP/1.1
> my baseline and not worrying about 1.0, but thanks for explaining to me how
> that can go wrong. For this project, I don't think I care. If I did care,
> thanks for pointing out that it isn't all that difficult to support 1.0.

Then at least make sure to reject 1.0 as 505 not supported and not to just
handle it like 1.1, otherwise your users will really face bugs. The typical
thing a developer does is to use telnet or netcat to send a local dirty
request "by hand" when curl for whatever reason is not suitable (e.g. you
want to see when exactly the server rejects your input), and seeing the
connection hung after a response to an 1.0 request is confusing.


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