Publication of the Mercure Protocol

Hi all,

Late 2018, I published an Internet-Draft specifying a protocol called


   Mercure is a protocol enabling the pushing of data updates to web
   browsers and other HTTP clients in a fast, reliable and battery-
   efficient way.  It is especially useful for publishing real-time
   updates of resources served through web APIs to web and mobile apps.

I just published the 7th version of the I-D. The protocol can now be
considered stable and feature complete. It is already widely implemented
and used, including by popular web frameworks such as Symfony. You can see
the full list of implementations in the "Implementation Status" section of
the I-D.
I would like to go one step further and propose it as a RFC.

I was wondering if the HTTPbis Working Group could host the work on this
protocol (this looks allowed by the "Other HTTP-Related Work" section of
the charter)?

Also, I tried to register the link relation ( and the
"well-known" URI ( used by
the protocol, but it's not possible yet because the I-D isn't on any stream..
I submitted a new version of the XML file with the following header:

<rfc version="3" ipr="trust200902" docName="draft-dunglas-mercure-07"
submissionType="IETF" category="std" xml:lang="en" xmlns:xi="" consensus="true">

But it looks like it hasn't been taken into account by the tracker (

I must admit that the process to propose a RFC is still a bit unclear to
me. Is this list the right place to propose and discuss this protocol?
Should I create a new submission for the draft or is it possible to
"update" the stream on the existing one?

Best regards,
Kévin Dunglas / @dunglas <>

Received on Wednesday, 8 July 2020 16:14:28 UTC