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LS from 3GPP on QUIC network level troubleshooting capabilities

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Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2019 12:09:15 +0000
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Resending to include TSVWG chairs and ensure that the LS will be listed on the IETF datatracker.
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Objet : LS from 3GPP on QUIC network level troubleshooting capabilities
Please find enclosed a liaison statement from the 3GPP CT WG 4 (CT4).
This WG is actually studying the introduction of QUIC as transport protocol instead of HTTP/2 in the 5G core network.
The WG has some questions regarding the troubleshooting capabilities supported by QUIC compared to the ones available with TCP.
The LS is officially addressed to the QUIC WG. However, it was highlighted that httpbis WG could also be interested in. I will let you decide if only QUIC or both are relevant in the discussion.
Next CT4 WG meetings:
3GPP TSG CT4#95           11th – 15th November 2019       Reno, US
3GPP TSG CT4#96           24th – 28th February 2020          Sophia Antipolis, FR
It would be good to receive an official feedback at the latest for the February meeting, where the study will be concluded (at least for this release).

Lionel Morand 
Chair of 3GPP TSG CT
3GPP Liaison Person to IETF
Chair of IETF Dime and Radext WGs 
Core Network Senior Architect and Diameter expert 
Cell. +33 6 07 75 89 36  <https://monsi.sso.francetelecom.fr/index.asp?target=http%3A%2F%2Fclicvoice.sso.francetelecom.fr%2FClicvoiceV2%2FToolBar.do%3Faction%3Ddefault%26rootService%3DSIGNATURE%26to%3D0607758936>
lionel.morand@orange.com <mailto:lionel.morand@orange.com>

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