Moving 2817 to Historic

During BIS, we had an issue to move RFC2817 to Historic:
which we incorporated text for in -16:

However, later on we addressed an earlier issue that Paul raised to make sure we updated 2817:
... with the result that we moved from changing it to Historic to just Updating in -22:

AIUI the reason for that issue was to assure that the attribution for the HTTPS URI Scheme was properly noted; however, the registry already references 7230 for that purpose. CONNECT is now completely defined in 7230 (and thus core-messaging).

Is there any other reason to keep 2817 around? AIUI it isn't implemented by any browser, nor used anywhere, and isn't considered good practice any more. Am I forgetting something from that discussion?

From -- 

> A document is labelled Historic when what it describes is no longer considered current: no longer recommended for use. 

If people still agree that Historic is the appropriate status, we can create a status-change document to kick that process off.


Mark Nottingham

Received on Wednesday, 13 February 2019 04:22:58 UTC