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Hi Matthew,

Without commenting on the proposal, the HTTP Preferences registry is Specification Required, which means you need a written specification; that's what the "Reference" item should refer to.


> On 6 May 2019, at 1:16 am, Matthew Bishop <> wrote:
> o  Preference: location
> o  Value: One of either "redirect" or "stay"
> o  Description: In state change requests, the client prefers the server to return either a
>       redirect status code or a 2xx status code when a response contains a Location 
>       header. The value "redirect" indicates a 303 See Other should be returned. The value
>       "stay" indicates an appropriate 2xx status should be returned.  
> o  Reference: HTTP/1.1: Semantics and Content, section 4.4.4 303 See Other
>       []
> o  Notes: This preference is intended to be used with HTTP methods that return a Location
>       header and either a 303 or a 2xx status code.
>       This preference supports the Post/Redirect/Get pattern. Wikipedia's entry for this
>       pattern explains it's value in client interactions. See 
> for details.

Mark Nottingham

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