Adam Roach's No Objection on charter-ietf-httpbis-07-01: (with COMMENT)

Adam Roach has entered the following ballot position for
charter-ietf-httpbis-07-01: No Objection

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> # HTTP/1.1 Revision

This seems a little confusing, as the HTTP/1.1 revision has already happened.
Isn't this more like HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2.0 maintenance?

> * Incorporate errata
> * Address ambiguities
> * Fix editorial problems which have led to misunderstandings of the
> specification * Clarify conformance requirements * Remove known ambiguities
> where they affect interoperability * Clarify existing methods of extensibility
> * Remove or deprecate those features that are not widely implemented and also
> unduly affect interoperability * Where necessary, add implementation advice

It looks like this list got wrapped somehow. Perhaps include blank lines between

> The Working Group may define extensions and other documents related to HTTP as
> work items, provided that: * They are generic; i.e., not specific to one
> application using HTTP. Note that Web browsing by definition is a generic use.
> * The Working Group Chairs judge that there is consensus to take on the item
> and believe that it will not interfere with the work described above, and * The
> Area Director approves the addition and add corresponding milestones.

Same issue with bullet wrapping as above

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