Re: [GGIE] HTTP redirect for HTTP Adaptive Streaming (HAS) in CDN use cases

Not all implementations are using XMLHttpRequest, dash.js has migrated over to using fetch whereas hls.js does not appear to. This only stands to further complicate considerations for implementations and perhaps adding text to the 3xx is not suitable.


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    On 2018-11-05 11:22, Mark Nottingham wrote:
    > My .02 -
    > I was thinking that at most, we'd look at adding a bit of text to 3xx to make it clear that a redirected request is a genuinely new request, and therefore has its own base URL, etc.  The fact that some clients follow them automatically is immaterial.
    > ...
    ....I agree with that fact, but I believe browser might have to do some 
    homework to get the final URI exposed in XMLHttpRequest...
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