Re: Side meeting on Signed Exchanges and Web Packaging

Thanks to everyone who came. I've attached the notes (thanks Ben Schwartz
for taking them) which include a link to the slides I showed.

To summarize the next steps, folks broke the space into 3 pieces:
1) Bundles: Joe Hildebrand and Alexey Melnikov will set up an IETF mailing
list to discuss the design space.
2) Same-origin signatures like for SRI: No next steps right now, but folks
were generally neutral to supportive.
3) Cross-origin trust: Contentious. We'll set up a joint workshop through
the IAB+W3CTAG(+WHATWG?) to talk to publishers about their opinions.


On Fri, Mar 2, 2018 at 1:18 AM Jeffrey Yasskin <> wrote:

> I'll be holding a side meeting (Bar BoF w/o the bar) Monday over lunch in
> the IAB office ( to
> talk about the Signed HTTP Exchanges and other Web Packaging proposals. See
> and
> We'll be trying to determine interest in the area and nail down concerns
> that the specifications need to address.
> Thanks to Mark Nottingham for booking the room.
> Jeffrey

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