Re: Interest in a UDP equivalent to the CONNECT method

On 2018-02-05, 18:55, "Lucas Pardue" <> wrote:

    Martin Thomson wrote:
    >I'm surprised that no one has mentioned TURN yet.  So let me be the first.
    I'm not overly familiar with TURN. Are you saying that the capabilities of this new method are already fulfilled by TURN,  that TURN could be enabled by this method, or that there are design elements to crib from TURN.

Since Ben added "WebRTC" to the discussion, Martins comment make perfect sense. Personally, I would be waiting for Ben to detail the "WebRTC" case he has in mind, which would include TURN of course, (.
    The main use case I had, HTTP/QUIC, does not suffer from peer communication issues so I find it hard to see where TURN comes in.

+1. The HTTP/QUIC case is pretty straightforward (even though use cases are always useful of course). "WebRTC" will require an effort to clarify scope and proposed solution.

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