Re: Why responses to the HTTP OPTIONS are uncachable ?

On 2017-12-31 19:48, Filippos Vasilakis wrote:
> I think by looking the protocol/RFC in a post-mortem way I can say that 
> it would have been better to let the server decide and denote the 
> caching properties of HTTP OPTIONS response body using the regular 
> caching headers of HTTP rather than completely disallow caching on that 
> method. The RFC could only advice against it. I understand that any 
> changes would require more people asking for it so I didn't have much 
> hope :P In any case thanks for the answer.
> Best,
> Filippos

When the HTTP spec says "OPTIONS is not cacheable", it really means 
"generic HTTP caches written according to RFC7234 do not cache it".

Of course there are specialized applications that *do* cache OPTIONS 
responses for a limited time (yes, with care) - it's just not something 
a generic HTTP cache will do.

Best regards, Julian

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