draft-ietf-httpbis-expect-ct-04, "2.3.2. HTTP-Equiv <meta> Element Attribute"

"UAs MUST NOT heed http-equiv="Expect-CT" attribute settings on <meta> 
elements [HTML] [HTML5] in received content."

Here be dragons.

1. HTML and HTML5 appear in a "MUST NOT" statement, yet are listed as 
informative references.

2. Even if they were normative references, we'd have to tell readers 
which one takes precedence (surprise: the description of http-equiv is 
indeed different in these two - see 

3. AFAIU, this spec *can't* make normative requirements on HTML 
consumers. That's what the HTML spec is for.

4. Finally, the HTML spec already says that "Expect-CT" is 
non-conforming and to be ignored.

Given these points, I believe the simplest possible fix is to drop this 

Best regards, Julian

Received on Monday, 21 May 2018 07:17:03 UTC