RE: Question about RFC7540 (HTTP/2) section 10.5.1

Hi Kazuho,

Kazuho wrote:

>> I’m inclined to think that it is valid for a server to first send a 4XX
>> response, followed by a GOAWAY with ENHANCE_YOUR_CALM. I’d be interested to
>> hear what others think.

> I would argue that there's no merit in sending a H2 level error (i.e.
> ENHANCE_YOUR_CALM) in case you send a HTTP-level error (i.e. 4xx).

That's a good point and I kind of agree. It's just that practically, some of the UA scaffolding for handling Application-layer errors (sometimes referred to as network errors) are not in place or mature. I was reminded recently of the W3C work on Network Error Logging [1] that maybe helps in such cases?

My other thought process was that a single client error may not be cause for a connection error, rather a pattern of behaviour could cause the connection to be closed. However, on reflection in this case from the purest perspective I agree.



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