Re: Questions and comments about draft-ietf-httpbis-replay-00

> On 28 Sep 2017, at 8:47 am, Martin Thomson <> wrote:
> Origin server uses the definition in RFC 7230.  That is, the actual
> authority for the resource.  A gateway is an apparent authority, but
> at the point that it forwards a request the server that it forwards to
> becomes the true authority (or something close to that).
> Yes, it intentionally refers to the customer of the CDN.  For those
> requests that the CDN considers itself able to fulfill, it is the
> origin server.
> (I hope that is consistent with others' understand of the definitions
> of these terms.  We sort of naturally assume that the roles are
> strictly binary, when they really aren't, as you point out.)

Yes. From the UA's perspective (and any proxies, configured or not), a gateway is the origin server -- even though the common CDN term for the customer's back-end server is also "origin."

We tried to clarify this in prehistoric times (I can dig up a draft of mine from the 90's if you like) with the horrible term "Surrogate Origin Server" -- thankfully, that seems to have *mostly* not stuck.

Now, let's talk about "upstream" and "downstream"...

Mark Nottingham

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