Re: Working Group Last Call The ORIGIN HTTP/2 Frame

On Tue, Sep 26, 2017 at 9:50 AM, Mike Bishop
<> wrote:
> I'm suggesting that you don't close ORIGIN-using connections if they appear to be proper subsets of non-ORIGIN-using connections.

Ah.  Sure.  It's a stronger signal, so I agree.  If you connect to and get ORIGIN, the fact that your connection to has a wildcard for * shouldn't cause you
to drop a perfectly good connection.  That is something we should
write down, maybe with a SHOULD on it.

I was more concerned about what you do with non-ORIGIN-using
connection here (which might only be a transient state).  I think that
we should also write down that ORIGIN SHOULD be sent before any
responses and that once responses have been received, the client MAY
assume that the server doesn't support ORIGIN.

Is that a fair assessment of where we are at?

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