Re: Privacy difficulties in Blind Caching and OOB encoding

>Thanks, it's good to know I didn't miss anything.

Hi Jeffrey,

You did a good work reading through what we¹ve published. Earlier versions
of some of the documents (never submitted to IETF and only on GitHub) had
more text about security considerations but were removed- drafts should be
brief I¹ve learnt, :-)!

I am not sure U¹ve missed it but I would like to mention that the
³toolbox² allows for different actors to run the ³blind² cache, or rather,
secondary server and in the cases where the same actor runs primary and
secondary server, a kind of ³distributed origin", some of the concerns of
what the ³blind cache¹, secondary server, sees are not applicable. This
variant is a favourite of mine, :-).

Another thing we found useful for security and privacy perspective (as
well as some others) was the control of the request routing OOB provides
meaning one can select to implement a request router (in primary server or
client (read SW in browser for instance). This was mentioned in [ERICSSON].

There is another draft FYI I just want to make sure I know about and I did
not see in your references is [RMAP]. It
hints at how request routing can be done.

Best Regards

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