Semantics of multiple 103s in Early Hints


As, I have created
a PR that clarifies the meaning of consecutive 103 responses sent
before a final response. Basically, I consider it as an editorial
issue, however I would appreciate it if you could give me comments
(especially if you oppose to the text) before I merge.

The PR is in response to the issue
( recently raised
by Dragana. It asks if the following 103 replaces the header set
included in an older 103 or if it is just adding headers to the older
set, when multiple 103s are used.

My answer is that since the nonexistence of a header field in 103 is
not a speculation that the header field would be absent in the final
response, we should consider the following 103 as an addition of new
header fields to the older 103 rather than a replacement of the header
set; otherwise, we would be introducing a rule that is specific to the
multiple 103 case. The PR clarifies that.

Kazuho Oku

Received on Monday, 7 August 2017 13:43:48 UTC