Re: Adam Roach's No Objection on draft-ietf-httpbis-early-hints-04: (with COMMENT)

On 2017-08-05 21:26, Adam Roach wrote:
> On 8/3/17 9:31 PM, Kazuho Oku wrote:
>> Consider the case where a proxy that cannot correctly handle an
>> informational response is involved. If the client sets a HTTP header
>> indicating that it is capable of receiving 103, the proxy will simply
>> pass through the header. Therefore, it would become a false signal to
>> the server.
> Thanks for the explanation. This seems reasonable. I'm still a bit 
> uneasy about the implied encouragement to user-agent-string sniffing, 
> but the intended status of "experimental" makes me worry about it much 
> less than I would otherwise. Hopefully, we can learn from this 
> experiment how pervasive incorrect handing of 100-class responses in 
> general is for HTTP clients.

Quite pervasive. See, for instance, 

Best regards, Julian

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