Re: Geolocation header

On 05.08.2017 05:34, Amos Jeffries wrote:
>> and a fallback MUST be provided, in other words a server MUST do 
>> either both the JS-API and the header proposal or only the JS-API,
>> because it can't be, that for a legit use case you have to buy a new 
>> "smartphone", because the server only does header proposal ...
> There are other fallbacks;
No, a mobile using it now, can't it use any more when the server changes 
from JS-API to header proposal, because of this "optimization", that we 
needn't talk about, if we would take it serious ...
> Your arguments followed logically with different factual statements 
think of the difference between a mobiles and non mobiles ...
> leads one to the conclusion that there is a use-case for it. 
No, not any, because any use case already has been covered by JS-API 
..., and nobody told any new legit use case where the JS-API doesn't 
work ...
and by the way a serious use case is limited to mobiles; for NON MOBILEs 
there is not any use case ...

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