Re: Geolocation header

On 02.08.2017 20:17, Luis Barguñó Jané wrote:
> IP-based location can be off by up to hundreds of Km (specially on 
> carrier IPs).
the reason for this is just simple; today it is my IP, tomorrow the IP 
of someone having the same ISP but living 100 miles away ...
> This is not a solution for the use case I'm presenting. For some 
> location-aware services (e.g. I want restaurants near me), you need a 
> precise location.
bevor thinking about neccessarity of such a header, think of how the 
system itself knows its location?
and then if it is conformable to privacy ...
> Also I'm not sure I understand why a good admin would block these 
> headers.
because of privacy?
> Why would we have a JS geolocation API 
> <> to provide precise location then?
I don't know this API, but can you specify how this works on a normal PC 
from where does it get the location?
> This is not changing anything regarding permissions, and having 
> geolocation headers would require the same user consent we currently 
> have for the JS geolocation API.
when blocking JS at all ...?
> All this proposal is just about a technical improvement on how 
> location is shared with an origin (after permissions have already been 
> granted), so a single roundtrip can provide local results (instead of 
> two roundtrips).
before thinking of this "optimization", it would be nice to think of 
less waste - especially tracking, advertising, malware, ... - in 
websites ...

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