Re: Issue with the H2 state machine

Hi Mike,

On Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 05:16:42PM +0000, Mike Bishop wrote:
> No, because that would prohibit ridiculously large trailers (i.e. using
> CONTINUATION), which might be stupid but are permitted.  The spec is saying
> that any HEADERS frame after the final status code has to be trailers, and
> therefore that block is the last thing on the stream.  Alternatively stated,
> you can't send your trailers but then send more body.

Thanks, now I understand my mistake. I did not realize that the ES bit had
to be put on the HEADERS frame even if there are CONTINUATION frames but now
I found where it's mentionned and all of this makes sense. It'll require some
changes to my state machine, but that's exactly why I prefered to be sure to
be able to deal with CONTINUATION frames from the start ;-)


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