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On 20 July 2017 at 06:25, Willy Tarreau <> wrote:
>>      * There is no special API to handle 0-rtt data by the TLS terminator, i.e. it is treated as a part of the same 1-rtt stream of data
> Does such an implementation really exist ? I mean, for openssl, it's clearly
> different :

There's a split in the community on this point.  NSS merges the
streams and 0-RTT reads and writes are not different from other reads
and writes.

> Interestingly, we started with this initially, and figured that this was
> completely covered by the distinction of early data from regular data,
> and caused two other issues :
>   - for some clients, changing a header field after a request was attempted
>     and before operating a retry might be complicated (ie: the retry will
>     very likely happen only at the transport layer)
>   - whenever a proxy doesn't support early data, and would receive the whole
>     request over regular data, it would have to strip this header field from
>     the request. This results in having to deal with 3 values for this header
>     field to know whether an attempt to use early data was made by the client,
>     and whether at least one proxy in the chain received the request as early
>     data.
> While I agree that APIs are difficult, I tend to think that the purpose of
> the draft is to explain the prerequisites to map HTTP on top of 0-RTT and
> that instead of complexifying all implementations and making them more
> fragile, we should rather indicate in which cases it's forbidden to enable
> 0-RTT (ie: SSL implementation doesn't provide a clear distinction between
> early data and regular data). This could possibly be justified by using
> your attack as an example.

While I think that the example is relatively far-fetched, I think that
we should take the conservative approach here.  It means that the
client needs to strip the header field when writing.  That's a little
costly, but I think that we already have to deal with rebuilding
requests: if 0-RTT is rejected, then you can end up having to send an
h2 request with h1.  We also have this same requirement to change a
header field with token binding.

I'll write up a PR that makes the change: it actually simplifies the
spec a little.

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