Re: Skipping DNS resolutions with ORIGIN frame

On Tue, Jul 18, 2017 at 07:34:24AM +0000, Subodh Iyengar wrote:
> +1 for the requirement for CT. I feel uncomfortable skipping DNS 
> without requiring at least CT.
> As for OCSP stapling, I can see the argument for requiring it, but I 
> would also like to offer short lived certificates or delegated
> credentials (
> as equivalent requirement.

Note that delegated credentials do not replace OCSP. E.g., handling key
compromise of the issued EE certificate.

And yes, short-lived certificates can be used to replace OCSP stapling:
In WebPKI, if OCSP response valid to EoL of the certificate is signed,
the certificate becomes effectively impossible to revoke.

Since normal OCSP lifetime in WebPKI (not refresh interval, which must
be shorter for things to work properly) is 7 days, it follows that
certificates that are valid for at most 7 days do not need OCSP
stapling. The 7 days figure also pops up in TLS 1.3, when operation
independent of certificates is concerned.

> In general I think it's incredibly valuable to define the guidelines
> for skipping DNS in the specification. This makes it easier for
> service operators to be able to use this functionality in a uniform
> manner. These guidelines were missing for PUSH which made it very
> hard to use.

Are you referring to more exotic ways to use PUSH, e.g. pushed cache
invalidation? Those look to be rather subtle.

(There are other problems with PUSH, like controlling resources to
push from web application and guessing what to send, but I think that
would be much beyond the scope of HTTP/2 RFC).


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