Re: Stream state and PUSH_PROMISE

Thank you Martin. That clears it up for me.


> On Jul 10, 2017, at 6:03 PM, Martin Thomson <> wrote:
> On 11 July 2017 at 10:56, Hadil Sabbagh <> wrote:
>> I am interested in the case where an open stream receives a PUSH_PROMISE on that stream with another stream id to be used. The RFC, as best I read it, does not specify that it goes into a half-open local/remote or any other state for the promised stream.
> When you send PUSH_PROMISE, there are two streams:
> 1. The stream that carries the PUSH_PROMISE is a client-initiated
> stream, one where the client made a request.  That stream will always
> be open or half-open when the PUSH_PROMISE is sent/received.  That
> stream doesn't change state as a result of the PUSH_PROMISE.
> 2. The promised stream is a server-initiated stream.  That stream will
> always be idle when the PUSH_PROMISE is sent/received.  The promised
> stream then becomes "reserved" when the PUSH_PROMISE is send/received.
> Does that help?

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