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This should be easy to resolve, but I want to make sure there's been
thought on it:

section 3 says:
"Note that this information is specific to the associated request; the
   set of supported encodings might be different for other resources on
   the same server, and could change over time or depend on other
   aspects of the request (such as the request method)."

.. but then later...

"[...] However,  the header field can also be used to indicate to clients
that content
   codings are supported, to optimize future interactions.  For example,
   a resource might include it in a 2xx response when the request
   payload was big enough to justify use of a compression coding, but
   the client failed do so."

This seems to indicate a need for guidance on when the client can reuse
the Accept-Encoding value.


-- section 3, 5th paragraph:
For the two SHOULDs and one SHOULD NOT in this paragraph, can you suggest
some reasons an implementation of this spec might choose something

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