Re: New Version Notification for draft-benfield-http2-p2p-00.txt

On Tue, Jul 21, 2015 at 01:48:13PM +0100, Cory Benfield wrote:
> > On 20 Jul 2015, at 17:41, Ilari Liusvaara <> wrote:
> Thanks for the feedback Ilari! It’s much appreciated
> > The seemingly only reason server-side SETTINGS_PEER_TO_PEER
> > is if client wants to wait for acknowledge of server support
> > before sending its CLIENT_AUTHORITY frames. But omitting that
> > wait would just cause the CLIENT_AUTHORITY frames to be harmlessly
> > ignored.
> That’s not the reason. The reason the server would emit SETTINGS_PEER_TO_PEER
> is to indicate that it’s willing to accept PUSH_PROMISE frames sent from the
> client. Note that this spec forbids the client from pushing streams without
> that setting being sent by the server.

Can't server just set SETTINGS_PUSH_PROMISE to 1 after obtaining
from client would mean that the server MAY do that?


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