Re: dont-revalidate Cache-Control header

On Thu, Jul 16, 2015 at 9:07 PM, Martin Thomson <>
> Like I said, you can implement your proposed solution today, without
> writing any standards.  Sure, only Chrome supports it right now, but
> that's a whole lot more of the web than none of it.

Using unique URIs to define resources is a common behavior to many sites
and is widely recommended in blogs/books/etc. It seems worth creating a
standard way to implement this recommendation that is far simpler than a
service worker.

Shift-reload is a tool we provide our users to get around this class of
> problem.

This draft does not suggest altering the behavior of shift-reload.
Shift-reload should continue to be an absolute refresh of the site -- for
example I believe in Chrome shift-reload even ignores service workers. In
future drafts it may be worth being more clear about this behavior.


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