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>> This should make it easy for intermediaries to make informed decisions about routing such streams or even announcing services themselves.
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> I don’t think this model works quite right. The semantic of PUSH_PROMISE is that the server provides both the request and its response. This does not allow the client to serve HTTP because it does not allow the client to generate its responses itself. This model allows for a non-HTTP bi-directional communication stream, but does not move to a fully P2P solution.

Yeah, you probably rigtht. It might bend the normal http/2 model more than necessary.

So, the issue remains with server-initiated streams to define what they exactly connect against. In the case of special data backend server connections, this might be clear by the configuration of it, so outside of protocol context. And for that it is useful, no doubt. For it to work in the wild net, something is missing, I think.


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