Re: HTTP2 server-side stream creation

> On 8 Jul 2015, at 20:03, Ilari Liusvaara <> wrote:
> "This limits some of the restrictions of RFC 7540  [RFC7540] Section 8."
> s/limits/lifts/  (dunno)?

Great spot, thanks.

> Also, I think that for bidirectional push to work, one also needs lift
> the restriction that server can't set push enabled flag (RFC7540,
> section 8.2, last paragraph).

I think you’re right, but I think this is symptomatic of a broader point, which is that any setting that is dependent on the idea of a ‘client’ or a ‘server’ needs to be rethought. In the case of RFC 7540 I think you’re right that this is only SETTINGS_ENABLE_PUSH, but a note should be made for the case where this extension is combined with others.

I’ve applied some draft updates in response to this feedback. Thanks!


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