RE: Clarification on HPACK dynamic table size increases?

6.3 isn't saying that the value can only be reduced.  There is a maximum that the decompressor has said it's willing to allow the compressor, and the compressor is allowed to choose any value <= what the decompressor allows it.  The wording there could be cleaner, since there's a maximum table size, and a maximum value *for* the maximum table size.  :-(

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Subject: Clarification on HPACK dynamic table size increases?

I'm working on implementing HPACK, wanted clarification on whether the dynamic table can grow:

>From 4.2
> This mechanism can be used to completely clear entries from the dynamic table by setting a maximum size of 0, which can subsequently be restored.

However, 6.3 has a MUST that the table may only be reduced in size:
> The new maximum size MUST be lower than or equal to the last value of the maximum size of the dynamic table.


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