Re: Invalid HTTP2 preface handling?

On 11 February 2015 at 14:14, Michael Sweet <> wrote:
> Um, with all due respect HTTP/1.1 is a Proposed Standard with a lot of years of deployment, while HTTP/2.0 is *almost* a Draft Standard.  Why are we talking about "a deprecated 1.x"?

Well... We're headed for "Proposed Standard", which is the same status
as HTTP/1.1, so from a process standpoint they will be on equal
footing.  But there is no question that HTTP/1.1 is far more mature
and interoperable.

My interpretation is that 1.1 hasn't advanced to Draft or Full
Standard is some combination of conservatism and a general
unwillingness to do the necessary busywork, but I'm sure that Julian
would have a more precise answer since I always tune out during those

You are probably reading too much into the language people use though.
Many of us here simply want to use HTTP/2 for all the reasons that we
decided to work on it and implement it.

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