Re: Spencer Dawkins' Discuss on draft-ietf-httpbis-http2-16: (with DISCUSS and COMMENT)

Hi Spencer,

> On 22 Jan 2015, at 6:07 pm, Spencer Dawkins <> wrote:
> I'm confused between these two statements:
>   1.  Flow control is specific to a connection; i.e., it is "hop-by-
>       hop", not "end-to-end".
> and 
>   Both types of flow control are hop-by-hop; that is, only between the
>   two endpoints.
> Could you help me get unconfused?

In HTTP, "hop by hop" means the immediate HTTP connection, whereas "end to end" means the path between the user agent (the ultimate client) and the origin server (the ultimate server), potentially taking in any number of intermediaries on the way.

It might clarify a bit to change the end of the latter one to "... between the client and server of a single connection."


Mark Nottingham

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