Re: #34: Alt-Svc-Used indicator granularity

On 21 January 2015 at 03:10, Julian Reschke <> wrote:
>> That seems to indicate something like "SHOULD send the alternative service
>> hostname in the Alt-Svc-Used header field value, unless the client has been
>> explicitly configured not to send it."
> Sounds good to me.

Likewise.  I could almost live with a MUST now, though I'm not
confident enough that I've thought through all the corner cases, and
would definitely prefer the option to not send.

The thing that turned me on this was the fact that the request is
going to the same origin.  If the site wants to track you across the
redirect, it can just use a cookie.  As long as any AltSvc state
shares fate with cookies, this is only a case of clients helping
servers with some tricky deployment issues; the client isn't actually
giving anything away (unless you count the opportunity cost of the
bytes, that is).

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