Re: Server Push used for long polling

On 15 January 2015 at 20:23, Wenbo Zhu <> wrote:

> Wouldn't you need an open (i.e. pre-opened) websocket stream to do this?
> IMO, spontaneous server-push (i.e. without a client-initiated stream) is a
> unique feature of PP, which is orthogonal to the problem of streaming data
> from the server to client.


I'm not saying that PP is not needed.   It looks well designed for purpose
and that is pushing associated resources to a HTTP request. PP is one of
the key features in HTTP2 that make it worthwhile deploying now despite all
it's warts.

What I don't think it is good for is replacing long polling as a way of
providing a server to client messaging transport.  That is what websockets
has been designed for and we should look to how websockets can be well
carried over HTTP2 rather than how we can trick HTTP Push into being a
messaging transport for non HTTP messages.


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