Re: Reviving discussion on error code 451


On 1/8/15 5:04 PM, David Morris wrote:
> I still like:
>   451 Forbidden for Policy Reasons
> but if 'Forbidden' is a concern then either
>   451 Blocked for Policy Reasons
> or
>   451 Access Blocked for Policy Reasons

... so that what can be done?  "Policy reasons" could mean anything from
"the administrator is *required* to block the content" to "the
administrator *wants* to block the content".  My understanding, and
again, Tim should comment more is that he is aiming more toward the
former and not the latter.  That is- there is this component of
*external* demand.

I can see the value, by the way, in having that, although I am skeptical
about how useful it will be.  But I agree with Mark Nottingham.  If
others think it will be useful, please by all means let's go ahead.


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