Re: Browser display of 403 responses bodies on CONNECT

one could argue that by deprecating bodies on non-200 CONNECT responses 
because of inability of browser vendors to deal with the problem 
properly, we effectively DID do UX here.

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>This was touched upon in WPD:
>>  When user agents encounter 5xx responses to a CONNECT request from a 
>>WPD proxy, they MUST present the response to the end user, but MUST 
>>NOT present or process it as a response to the eventual request to be 
>>made through the tunnel (i.e., it has an unidentified payload, as per 
>>{{RFC7231}} Section
>>  NOTE: Many user agents refuse to show an error response to a CONNECT 
>>to the user, in order to deal with the issues brought to light by 
>>{{bad-proxy}}. While effective in dealing with those attacks, doing so 
>>effectively disallows communication between the proxy and the end 
>>user; this requirement is designed to re-open that channel.
>where {{bad-proxy}} is 
>Fundamentally, I think this is a user experience problem, in that 
>anything that can render HTML can fool some number of users thinking 
>they're talking to the "real" Web site. For better or worse (I think 
>better), we don't do UX here.
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>>>>  Have a read through
>>>>  <>.
>>>>  Amos
>>>  that's really sad.
>>  Indeed. IMHO the problem above is caused by the confusion between the 
>>  and the origin. A proxied response doesn't come from the origin until 
>>  200 appears. The only origin without 200 is the proxy itself, and if 
>>it was
>>  handled this way there would be no problem with cookies.
>>  Willy
>Mark Nottingham

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