Re: Alt-Svc #62: proxies

On 12 June 2015 at 13:12, Roland Zink <> wrote:
> So the additional input is missing so far in the text and there are no plans
> to add them. I find it confusing if sometimes proxies should be used and
> sometimes not depending on how the proxy to use is configured.

Currently: "A client configured to use a proxy for a given request
SHOULD NOT directly connect to an alternative service for it, but
instead route it through that proxy."

I take that to mean that you would query proxy.pac with the request
URI.  That's limited, but no worse than what we have today.  If you
are motivated, you could fix the shortcoming, but the pragmatist in me
notices the efficacy of Mark's text in avoiding the need to specify
something that depends on a non-existent specification for proxy

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