Re: Client certificates in HTTP/2

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Subject: RE: Client certificates in HTTP/2


>A client which has a client cert ready to offer will send an extension 
>setting TLS_RENEG_PERMITTED advertising that it's willing to accept a 
>server-initiated renegotiation.
I don't really like this approach.  When would the client send this 

a) always -> let's tell every site we have a client cert
b) only on sites where the client previously received a request for a 
cert -> yay another database to maintain
c) after some strange UI (open this link with client cert)
d) by magic

What's wrong with being challenged for a client cert, it's just like 
being challenged for auth, we're not proposing deprecating 403 are we?

Some sites may wish to make it conditional whether a client cert is 
required based on other things.  This requirement to pre-advertise 
support just seems like bad engineering when TLS already has a mechanism 
to deal with client certs


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