Re: New Version Notification for draft-thomson-http-encryption-00.txt

In message <>, Willy Tarreau writes:

>Note that if a client supporting an encrypted response payload sets gzip in
>Accept-Encoding, it probably means it's willing to decompress *after*
>decryption, [...]

That be an information leak.  We shouldn't say anything which tells
anybody anything about what the encrypted data means.

I thinke the order has to be encryption before gzip, and if that
means that people pointlessly gzip AES output, then there is no
more (or less) harm than them gzip'ing JPEGS.

>When it comes to caches, I don't know if anything must be done, it could
>even be useful to cache such contents if multiple clients use the same
>key. Maybe pass a vary: referencing the encryption key then, but I could
>be wrong, I'd rather let the experts talk.

I can see a lot of use cases for that scenairo.  (See also my previous
email about why C-E shouldn't be involved.)

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