Re: Proposed HTTP SEARCH method update

> On 29 Apr 2015, at 19:16, Zhong Yu <> wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 29, 2015 at 12:06 PM, Julian Reschke
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>> On 2015-04-29 18:46, Zhong Yu wrote:
>>> I'm very confused about the whole thing, but my first question would be
>>> - How do I bookmark or link to a SEARCH?
>> In general you won't, because generic tools don't support that. But they
>> could be written.
> I don't quite understand that statement. But without linking, I don't
> see the point of this pile of things we call web stack. We might as
> well just use W Windows:)

In the draft snell the option is given for the server to create a Link
realation to the representation for that query. I suppose that could be used
by future bookmarking software. 
The same would be true for the GET + Query header or body I suppose  
(I have not thought through that yet ).

One use case that I am working on is to build very highly linked JS 
applications, that can walk through linked data from one site to another
and build UIs out of the data. You can read more about that in either the 
SoLiD draft
With more information here, videos and talks
There is a video here that might help

So it is related to X-Windows in so far as it is UI centric. But it is a hyperdata
windowing system if you want, where links are the core of the system.

This need not be the only use of SEARCH or GET + Query ( whichever gets
the most support from this community ) of course, but it is one that
puts the web stack at the center of the UI experience.

And this makes it impossible in these apps to have SOAP like query 
resources that would replace the primacy of GET and hyper links.


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