Re: can GET do for QUERY? extending Partial Content

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>> Well you can use it between your own components, but you'll have a hard
>> time explaining to all your users that their freshly acquired products
>> which used to respect standard still 2015 are not standard-compliant
>> anymore past 2015. At least with Upgrade we had the ability to play on
>> the compliance side to convince vendors to fix their crap and sell their
>> fixes as feature updates ("support for websocket and HTTP/2").
> Again defining something that is undefined does not break a standard.
> The latest spec says that GET can have Content-Length header. Presumably
> the people allowing this had their reasons. Perhaps this is it.
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Or perhaps it is not. The "people allowing this" are over here, and we 
have an issue tracker related to that change that I already pointed to 

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